User Experience Enthusiast + Accessibility Aficionado

I'm a User Experience Researcher at Facebook working to ensure people's mobile experiences are practical, accessible, and delightful. I graduated with my PhD in Human-Centered Computing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and I'm currently applying my expertise in accessibility and technology education to finding scalable solutions for individual interface challenges.

My methods are qualitative and leverage deep understanding of both user and context in order to inform usable designs. I'm a fervent believer in inclusive design and a strong advocate for accessibility. Collaboration and perpetual learning are also very important to me, so I seek out opportunities for both.

I love the terrors of space, dinosaurs with and without feathers, and getting irrationally angry about bad interface design in sci-fi movies. My wife and I are avid travelers (five continents and at least a dozen countries between us), and we have a tuxedo cat named “Loki” whom we stole from Morocco.

Travel + Updates

  • Joined the program committee for ASSETS’18.
  • Successfully defended my dissertation!
  • Attending ASSETS’17 in Baltimore - October 2017
  • Moved to the Bay and started work at Facebook - August 2017