User Experience Enthusiast + Accessibility Aficionado

I'm a Senior User Experience Researcher on the Central Accessibility team at Google driving foundational research on cognitive disabilities. I graduated with my doctorate in Human-Centered Computing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and my domain expertise is the accessibility of technology for individuals with disabilities.

My methods are qualitative and I leverage deep understanding of both user and context in order to inform usable designs. I'm a fervent believer in inclusive design practices and a strong advocate for accessibility. Collaboration and perpetual learning are also very important to me, so I seek out opportunities for both.

I love the terrors of space, dinosaurs with and without feathers, and getting irrationally angry about bad interface design in sci-fi movies. My wife and I are avid travelers (five continents and a dozen plus countries between us). When we aren’t gallivanting the world, we like to take turns completing every single side quest in our favorite video games.

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